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Our Members

The Industrials Exchange members reside in the middle of a business revolution in terms of how consumers are valued and commercial markets are organized. At the heart of this is our own Blockchain technology, which has been designed from the ground up to replace the vertical, siloed markets and industry structures we know today. Our members are Exchange Owners who are looking to move away from today’s structures that are fragmented and full of friction – with a radically decentralized, open and fluid Blockchain Ecosystem. They include but are not limited to:
The Blockchain is what’s been missing in the transfer and remittance of all goods. For the MicroPreneur it provides the same opportunity as the early days of the internet. Even though someone might have taken a full-time role in a company, they are still running a small company or agency part-time. A micropreneur (or microbusiness) is one that operates on a very small scale, with no more than five employees. Micropreneurs are excellent in identifying gaps in existing solutions or come up with new and better ways to do things. And that is what makes for the innovation that a small cap company will want to buy. Applying innovation building on the Blockchain today as a micropreneur has unique opportunities for residual income in the near term but a chance for a healthy sale to a small cap company tomorrow. (Click on Small Cap to learn more)
On The Industrials Exchange we believe that our technology has a unique value for that of a Small Cap company because while generally Small cap stocks have historically outperformed large cap stocks they are also considered more volatile and riskier investments. For Small and MidCap companies the evolution of blockchain and supply chain optimization mean they will compete with the Enterprise. What if they had access to more Ideal Customer Profiles using the Blockchain? What if they were able to optimize their supply chain? What if they were able to leverage their size to be more nimble then their large cap competitors? Now a company with a market capitalization $ 30 to $300 million can leapfrog its competitors. (Click on Market Makers to learn more)
As a market maker or liquidity provider, you as a company or an individual are in a unique position in history. Your expertise in your ability to quote both a buy and a sell price in a tradable asset held in inventory, is greatly enhanced when private companies operate on the blockchain. Greater transparency and real time and immutable transactions organized by a GICs framework radically changes your ability to make a profit on the bid–ask spread. (Click on Techno Revolutionaries to learn more)
The Blockchain has already begun transforming our society to become more egalitarian and entrepreneurial. CrowdPoint's Blockchain's vision is designed from the ground up to be a socioeconomic accelerant assisting the masses with equal access to knowledge, capital, and opportunities. The Human Identity has been the fundamental driver of global commerce for thousands of years, yet the Human Identity, in some parts of the world still struggles with the fundamentals of securing adequate food and shelter, whereas the remainder of us focus on acquiring products and services to make our lives more comfortable. Techno Revolutionaries are freeing the digital Human Identity to assist others to personalize their relationship with their own data and gain greater freedom to pursue their dreams and passions. Finally, techno revolutionaries recognize the greater degree of egalitarianism enabled by the Blockchain and its ability to foster exponentially more entrepreneurs or micropreneurs.


Members of our Blockchain all have one thing in common, they are unhappy with how technology and business is being done today and they want to return to a true value based model where synchronized synergy wins the day.





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They didn't. And, we didn’t choose them. There is an unspoken synchronicity in the law of attraction surrounding business leaders and MicroPreneurs that see the Blockchain as what it is: A new kind of equalizer, the ability to combat the status quo and breath new life in doing business through an transparent, immutable sharing economy where cooperation helps build something bigger than all of us could do alone.


Our members see opportunities for reducing acquisition costs and radically increasing the customer base.


Our members want to leverage cross exchange selling on a common platform token to make money on top of the money saved.


Our members contribute production, goods, data, skills, knowledge and ability resources that are beneficial to the others.


Our members decide to bring innovation normally presented in traditional channels to a collaborative ecosystem.


Some members bring structure to start an Exchange while others enable scaling, as more members begin to participate.


Our members define initial value levers to be pursued by the exchange but also the longer-term vision to support growth.